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UFC 229: Khabib vs Conor

The night Khabib made McGregor 'tap like chicken' was less iconicised for the fight itself and more the fight after.

Seconds after the fight, Khabib climbed out of the octagon and soared like an eagle, aiming a foot stomp toward McGregor's cornerman Dillon Danis. This then kicked off a legendary brawl, both inside and outside the cage, between Team McGregor and Team Khabib.

What started with a GOAT being slapped, escalated to a dolly being thrown through a window, to finally 'ending' with an iconic moment, that we encapulated via a small embroidery on a white tee. Click to buy.

03.04.18 / New York Hotel 'The Slap'

05.04.18 / Conor goes full send with a dolly vs bus

08.10.18 / He smesh, he attac, he tap

13.11.18 / JRE 1200: 'Expert' analysis/defense of Conor

08.10.18 / KHabib survives Dillon's attack

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