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Mancunian Jiu Jitsu

Greater Manchester has a rich history of grappling spanning decades. The northern powerhouse houses an eclectic mix with a rich history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, catch wrestling and Luta Livre.


Many of the head coaches of top teams across Manchester come straight from the source, with the likes of Stealth BJJ’s Steve Campbell gaining every BJJ belt in Brazil under the tutelage of Carlos Gracie Jr and ASW’s Daren Morris learning catch wrestling from ‘Uncle’ Jack Mountford.


BJJ in particular has gone from strength-to-strength over the past 10 years and has exploded in the city and it’s hard to find anywhere in the city that’s isolated from grappling completely. ‘Mancunian Jiu Jitsu’ can be seen in the vibrant competition scene with the city having long-standing organisers BJJ 24/7 and Empire Grappling calling Manchester their HQ.

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Definetly Mancunian "stand up"

Steven Campbell competing in Brazil

Steven Campbell: Hook Sweep Tutorial

31.08.19 / Polaris 11: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Nicky Rod takes down Ben Dyson

ASW (Atherton Submission Wrestling) 1998 (Source)

Jack Mountford: Catch Wrestling Demonstration

"2 Points"

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